Amir Timur Square

The center of Capital

Amir Timur Square

The history in all meanings central part of the capital is connected with a year 1882 and the name of General M. Chernyaev. This very General – governor ordered to build up the Square which went through changes several times however did not lose its importance. Because the buildings such as Forum Palace, Twin Chimes, Amir Timur Museum which have already been the symbols of Tashkent city are located around the area of Square. Additionally the roads leading not only to main streets of the Capital, but also to neighbor governments are started from this spot.

Amir Timur Square was renovated in the eve of third anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1994. In November 2009 “The complex activities on reconstruction Square and the area around it” caused the Square became brighter and more spacious.

Monument to the great politician and the founder of a huge empire in the Middle Ages, along with its motto on a pedestal, "Power is in Justice" are the symbols of respect to his eternal memory. Amir Timur Square located just in front of Hotel Uzbekistan gives an opportunity to enjoy your spare time especially at nights. If you walk straight through the Broadway in the direction of monument you will get to Independence Square.


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