Memorial to the victims of repression

The memories of those who died for their country will live forever

Memorial to the victims of repression

Tough times of soviet repression are recalled as the most bloody and unfair periods in the history of Uzbekistan. Uzbek nation still remembers how the great figures cherished dreams about independent country, risking their own lives. Among the dead during the soviet repression were such national heroes as Abdulla Kadiry, Fitrat, Cholpon who did not afraid of promote their ideas on national independence.

As the first President of Uzbekistan claimed: "There is no future without history". Memorial complex Shahidlar Xotirasi Maydoni (translation from Uzbek Victims of repression) was opened in 2000 year, May 12 by the initiative of I. A. Karimov as a symbol of respect who gave life for the sake of country. The sign on the headstone at rotunda in the area of memorial in a three different languages “The memories of those who died for their country will live forever” is a spiritual gratitude for the unforgettable actions of our ancestors.

Location of the memorial complex is also selected not by the chance, since in this very district of Tashkent were spent lynching and executing of "Kulaks".

Today composition of the memorial consists of a park, museum and rotunda. Photos, documents, personal stuff of the repressioned and other facts proving reliability of historical stories are collected in the museum. Among the exhibits can be seen minimized models of concentrate camps, prisons and the symbol of Soviet repression “black crow”, the car of NKVD which took a lot of our compatriots to the final destination.

A central canal of the capital Buzsuv is flowing continuously across the park area, as if it was an abstract symbol of eternity.


  • City: Toshkent
  • Address: Yunusobod tumani, Amir Temur shoh ko'chasi


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