Caravan Restaurant

Original national meals

Caravan Restaurant

Caravan is one of the pioneer Uzbek cuisine restaurants belonging to "Caravan Group" company. It is worth to say that, all restaurants of "Caravan Group" company own an "individual features" and differ from others with its isolated stylistic. For example, near located restaurants "Caravan" and "Sato" are decorated in contrastive designs. Interior of the restaurant Caravan reminds the old Uzbek residence of a rich owner yet the Sato is constructed as a home of poor Uzbek family. In fact both restaurants could combine the signs of applied arts gallery as well as the restaurant.

Restaurant Caravan has been suggesting national Uzbek dishes moreover claims that here the meals are prepared how it should be originally. Real Uzbek ambience, demonstrative works of applied arts by local authors, proficiency of chiefs and high level of service – are all cooperated in this restaurant.


  • City: Tashkent
  • Address: Abdulla Kaxxar street 22